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Sports Day

Sports day is an essential event in the school year, which contains elements of competition, school spirit, and an outstanding showcasing of talent. Students partake in individual events including track and field as well as team sporting events such as football and basketball. The competition was elevated as these houses competed for the coveted House Cup, an award that crowns the overall champions. Points are accumulated across all events, which creates a thrilling and closely watched tally. The house with the highest cumulative points after the contests emerged triumphant, claiming the House Cup as a symbol of their prowess. Due to this structure, sports day becomes not just a celebration of physical ability but a testament to teamwork, resilience, and everything the school community has to offer.

In an exciting twist this year, Ascend instituted a novel tradition by organizing students into permanent houses. The four houses were Red (fire), Yellow (wind), Green (earth), and Blue (water). This year, Ascend had many entertaining team events ranging from basketball and football, and team relays in separate age groups. As well as throwball which was mixed gender but separate age groups. Individually the scale of success was defined by the 100, 200, 400, and 800 meter sprints as well as the shotput, high jump, and egg and spoon race. The sports day was split into two separate days to maximize productivity and increase the hype of the event.

On day one students remained at the school grounds where the preliminary games of football and the complete set of basketball games were played. The morning began with basketball games and football simultaneously, and both junior green teams overshadowed any other house by winning both girls' and boys' junior basketball. In terms of senior boys' victory, the yellow house dominated every other house by winning by over 10 points. The red house took the girl's senior basketball team to victory as they outperformed both the yellow house in the finals to win their first trophy. At the end of day one, in terms of football, the junior boys and girls teams that had qualified for finals were blue and green whereas in the seniors it was the red and green teams (girls) and blue and red teams (boys). The points on the board after day one began with Green House in the lead with 70 points after winning not one but two basketball titles closely followed by Yellow House with 67 points, Red House with 33 points, and Blue House with 30 points.

On the second day, the sports events shifted to Wings Sports Center, a ground in Bandra West with a full 400-meter track and full-sized football pitch. All four teams killed it in individual events from the green 800-meter victory to the blue 400-meter domination. It was a tight race with yellow dominating the scoreboard for 90% of the competition and then falling behind after the close football finals. Blue came through with two football victories from both boy age groups, while green won the junior girls category and red won the senior girls category.

However, the highlight of the day was the very end, with all teams exhausted and waiting with bated breath for the final scores to be released the tension in the air was palpable. The two most nervous houses were blue and green since green had been on and off the top of the scoreboard the whole morning, while blue had just captured two wins and they hoped that their endeavors would be able to push them over the top. Yellow and red on the other hand looked disheartened considering yellow was only losing by three points the day before and were so hopeful at the beginning of the day. Blue was most definitely the underdog who surprised everyone by coming in second place as the victory went to the greenhouse.

 Cheering and laughter filled the air as students flooded the podium the captain of the green greenhouse Diya Suriya lifted the trophy, and the whole crowd cheered. The greenhouse was the most proud of them all and the whole school could see the hard work and dedication they put in, and everyone agreed, it was a deserved win. From being considered underdogs at the beginning of the year, students were elated and many said that they couldn't believe that the “most unathletic team” won the cup. However, that statement was proven untrue as they snatched 3 out of ten champion trophies and the 3-foot tall house cup. As sports day continues to be one of our most treasured traditions, let's see if the green house can maintain this reputation or will someone else rise up instead.

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