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Ascend Sports

Basketball U17 ISSO

Take a peak at the U17 basketball boys journey at ISSO.

First Inter-House Tournament

The houses were inaugrated with a round of sports, take a dive into them here. 

ISSO Swimming

Look at Ascends participation in a chaotic Swimming Meet!

India-Pakistan Match

Everyone knows about the India-Pakistan Cricket popularity, read our perspective on this, right here!

New Rules of Sports Day

There were multiple changes for sports day, read them and update yourself. 

Rugby World Cup Finals

Read about how the Rugby Finals went down. 

SIS Tournament

Take a dive into Ascends showing at the SIS Basketball tournament for U19 girls and boys!

Sports Day

Ascends Sports Day is a major event, read about the 2023-2024 event right here. 

The Cricket World Cup

Learn about our students opinion on the Cricket World Cup, right here!

U14 Tennis

The under represented tennis world gets to shine for the first time in Ascent history! 

U17 Boys ISSO Football

Learn about Ascend Boys experience at the ISSO Football. 

U17 Girls ISSO Football

Read about Ascends Football Girls experience at ISSO. 

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