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10th Grade Trip

The MYP trips kicked off on September 6th, and Grade 10 embarked on an epic journey to Junglelore Farmstead. The adventure began with a 3-hour bus ride and that’s when the problems started, where every single seat was occupied, bringing us closer—literally.

Upon arrival, we dived straight into team-building activities. From "floor is lava" to cup-stacking without using our hands, we bonded while laughing and yelling. The real fun began with a 5 km circuit trek to a dam, our guide teasingly calling this just the "starter." Despite initial whining, we ended up having a lot of fun while swimming in the dam. It was a unique experience, to say the least. Day 2 was all about a 7 km trek to and from Thanale Caves. The caves might not have been a showstopper, but the trek itself was. We encountered creatures, got drenched in rain, and crossed beautiful waterfalls. Afterwards, we cooled down with a pottery workshop. Clay and messy hands brought out our inner artists. Day 3, the grand finale, was nothing short of legendary. River Rafting became an instant hit, giving us an adrenaline rush for a thrilling two hours. It left us feeling incredibly grateful for this adventurous trip. Besides the planned activities, dart tournaments were the most popular among all. The game collection at Junglelore Farmstead kept us entertained throughout.

This trip was our most challenging yet, but it united us like never before. We supported each other through the treks as if our lives depended on it. A massive shoutout to our fantastic supervisors, Ms. Xiomara and Mr. Chris, who made sure we had the time of our lives. This adventure will be a cherished memory for years to come!

- Gunika Chaudhary

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