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6th + 7th Grade Trip

On 6th - 8th September, grades 6 & 7 embarked on an exciting journey to Vita Farms that enlightened them about the wonders of nature. They left at 8 AM, and spent the bus ride jamming out to tunes that they selected.. When they reached, they were greeted with a wonderful breakfast with a wide variety of food. They then kicked off the camp with some ice breaking activities. They then activated their artistic skills to paint Warli paintings, and sculpt clay.

After the art, they all went on a beautiful nature walk to the lake and skipped stones. Following the walk, the 6th and 7th graders got a good night’s sleep in preparation for their early morning the next day.. Day 2 began with a 5:00 AM wakeup, but unfortunately the planned nature trail was canceled due to heavy rainfall. They did not let that stop them though, and donned their raincoats to look at species which appear in rain around the campus. They ate breakfast and played some team building games to lighten the mood. They ate lunch and got some downtime. In the evening, they had a blast partying in the pool, playing frisbee and enjoying the live music. Next they all went to warm up by the bonfire and ate some marshmallows. 

They got an extra hour to rest, waking up at (insert time here). They went on another nature trail and saw many majestic birds in their natural habitat, and on their way back, saw many unforgettable and unfortunate dead frogs.  They then met and fed some cows. They also were educated about the incredible work the Vita farm farmers do! After eating lunch and thanking the wonderful staff, they were ready to hit the road. They enjoyed the ride back with wonderful music, and discussions all-round. They were greeted by their parents and siblings. They had many wonderful memories regarding this camp and are looking forward to coming again someday soon!

- Zyra Khan and Dhruv Mehrotra 

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