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MSSA Tennis Tournament

The Mumbai School Sports Association (MSSA) tennis tournaments for the Under 14 girls and boys took place at the well-known Bombay gymkhana on the 13th, 16th, and 17th of October. This event drew athletes from different schools all over Mumbai. They fiercely competed against each other in seven rounds. The participant schools varied from AVM, BSS, and Oberoi, to us: Ascend.

From Ascend there were only 3 total participants in MSSA Under 14. Each round was a best-of-five, which means that there were 3 games to win. The games were short but would go into a tie-breaker at the score of 2-2. Bombay Gymkhana had about 3 courts filled with players fighting to their full potential. It was totally up to the players to call for outs as well as which points were theirs. Though there was a referee the players made most of the calls and if either of the players made a false call they would automatically lose the point. It was a two-day tournament, with one round on the first day, and the other rounds, quarters, and semi-finals on day two.

The U14 girls tournament was on the 16th and 17th of October. During that time there was a severe heat wave going on but the athletes were strong and had to fight through it. Many of the games ended up going into tiebreaks which led to the players being on the court for long periods which ended up being exhausting. The scorching sun was creating a tough atmosphere for the players but without hesitation, they went on to compete in further games in the day.

My experience of the matches involved the sun shining all over me, blocking my view with the bright rays. Sweat dripped down my forehead as I continued the match. In the under 14 boys category there were two participants, one who made it to the second round and the other who was eliminated in the first. In the under-14 girls category there was only one participant, who made it up to the quarter finals but unfortunately lost. Even though the losses hurt, we still had a lot of fun in the events. While the heat wave was going on we kept the mentality and made it far. The thrill felt amazing as they called your name. And as you step up to the court, you feel the stimulation going through your veins.

The crowded gym had players fighting for victory, match after match. Though many were tired they pushed their hardest and tried their best. None of the athletes gave up no matter the circumstances, especially because there were very few participants from our school. We hope that more people will join, but it was a fantastic experience for all.

We look forward to upcoming tournaments and highly encourage you to pick up tennis as well!

-Raphael Lobo and Vihaa Rajgarhia 

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