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As the new year welcomes people to the new building, it also brings students from the PYP to the MYP. We have gone through many changes since the fifth grade such as more subjects, longer days and of course more studying and work! We enjoy the new subjects which is LL and I&S. We also have longer days than PYP but it’s only 30 minutes more. Next we have summatives, which are very new to us and it’s a very big difference from our PYP tests. Another big change is the new teachers. 

Some of us have been with the old PYP teachers for so long that it’s very hard to transition to the new school. But we are so happy that some teachers have moved to MYP with us. The new website, Managebac, is very different from Google Classroom, which we used in PYP. One thing that is different in MYP is the Hindi and Spanish classes. We have to spend two months in Hindi and then Spanish and for the other class the other way round. Then we have to pick between Hindi and Spanish which is very different from PYP. 

In PYP we would have Hindi class and then right after that Spanish class or for the other classes vice versa. The timetables have definitely changed such as the timings for lunch. It was at 12:00PM last year and now it is at 12:50PM. It’s very different and it will probably take some time to get used to. MYP and PYP was a big jump overall, from the easy, relaxing and calm PYP it’s gone to the stressful but great MYP. After talking to someone who has transitioned from Primary to Secondary says, “ It feels like the transition music. We only had five minutes to transition.”  As we have heard, this will get harder. But for now, MYP has gone off to a great start, and I’m looking forward to an awesome year ahead.

-Mikhail Lobo

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