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The Personal Project

The 10th grade has spent countless hours researching, planning, and meticulously crafting their projects, and now they get to share their experience with the Ascend community. Join us, as we recap the exhibitions in their entirety. The personal project's main objective was to work on something that you were passionate about. From expanding on existing hobbies to solving problems that the people around them faced, each project reflected unique interests and perspectives.

The first day of the exhibitions was a whirlwind of activity and excitement. Students from grades 6-12 streamed in, eager to learn about the projects and stories behind them. They asked questions, listened intently, and left inspired by the creativity and dedication on display. For the 9th graders, this exhibition was especially crucial, as they would soon embark on their own personal project journey. They scrutinized the displays, while 10th graders shared their experiences, offering words of wisdom and encouragement. 

Veer Gondal, the creator of a video game crafted through Unity, created a buzz in the crowd as players attempted to conquer its challenging levels.  He spent many hours working on his game and it paid off. Veer Gondal’s game was an obvious fan favorite and for the right reasons, he invoked the gamer in all of us and truly engaged whoever stepped up to his stall.

The second day brought a new wave of excitement as families and guests arrived to show their support. 

The hall buzzed with energy as proud parents and respected guests made their way from stall to stall, eager to learn about the projects and lessons the tenth grade had learned along the way. Parents listened attentively as they shared the process of the project, asking insightful questions and offering words of encouragement. Tarana Ramachandra’s beautiful documentary on ‘The Happiness Quotient’ was especially touching, gathering the attention of the crowd. Her project revolved around understanding the science behind happiness and its importance. During her exhibition, she gave out ‘happiness trackers’ to engage her audience and spread some of her happiness.

Arjun Shah said, “The Personal Project was an engaging experience that taught me about the importance of hard work and how it pays off with the kind words of parents, teachers, and peers.” This personal project showcases the hard work and talent of these tenth graders. They had to face adversities from the time they started, till the end of the exhibition. This exhibition should serve as a reminder to everyone that with perseverance and resilience, anything is possible.

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