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University Fair

Embarking on the exciting journey towards higher education is a pivotal moment in any student's life. To navigate this path with clarity and confidence, knowledge is key. Fortunately, this knowledge was abundantly on offer at our recent Global University Fair held on the 15th of September. This event not only brought an array of esteemed universities with over 40 colleges from 11 countries under one roof, but also offered students a chance to learn about their future options for college.

With both Indian and International Universities in attendance, students had a unique opportunity to explore diverse educational pathways and plan their academic futures. Some of the international Universities present were Kings College London, Michigan State University, Toronto Metropolitan University, Wesleyan College, and many more. As for Indian universities, we had Ahmedabad University, Ashoka University, Flame University and quite a few more in attendance.

Students and parents had the opportunity to learn about what life would be like on campus, the switch from DP to undergraduate, and the overall admissions process. Furthermore, a diverse array of college representatives, including heads of international recruitment and admissions officers, were on hand to provide valuable advice and answer students' burning questions, as well as clearing any doubts. Some of the colleges even offered merchandise such as pens and bookmarks, adding a fun and memorable touch to the event. With a diverse array of educational institutions in attendance, our University Fair went beyond traditional academic universities, it featured renowned hospitality management schools, culinary institutes, and film academies, providing a wide range of educational opportunities for our students.  Catering to a wide audience, the University Fair wasn't just an informative event for our seniors; it was also an experience for high school students beginning their academic journey. For younger students, the fair offered a fascinating window into the world of higher education.

The University Fair was truly a remarkable and eye-opening experience. It went above and beyond our expectations, offering a diverse range of educational opportunities under one roof. The presence of both Indian and International Universities, alongside esteemed institutions in hospitality management, culinary arts, and film, was nothing short of inspiring. Not only did it provide a platform for students to explore various academic pathways, but it also served as a source of motivation and guidance for those just beginning their high school journey. It was an event that left a lasting positive impact on all who attended, fostering a sense of optimism and determination as we set out to shape our academic futures.

-Anya Keskar

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