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Update on Clubs

Exciting, Fun, Helpful. These are the words that many students have used to describe this year’s clubs. Starting from the 11th of September, many new MYP clubs were launched.. Each of these clubs has a unique style and portrays learning differently. There are a variety of different options, and each one builds different skill sets such as confidence, creativity, social skills and so much more.

The club timings are during the recess block, at 1:15. There are 15 clubs, and they are all spread out throughout the week. Most of the clubs are student-led, with a teacher for supervision. Each of the clubs covers a different theme, for example, design, art, science, photography, and more.

After receiving some different perspectives from people who were in different clubs I heard that the clubs this year were exciting. They were fresh ideas that were student led and since there were more varieties of topics students were able to choose the club of their interest. Each club was well thought out and brought together the students to challenge them and also let them have fun.

I am going to give you a brief summary of what we did in design club. We started the first club meeting off with a brief introduction. We were explained the hopes and goals for the club as well as the expectations. They then proceeded to give us a design challenge that required critical thinking as well as creativity. We were split into teams and turn by turn had to choose materials from the table. Our goal was to construct a structure. The structure had to be able to sustain and be stable while we placed weight on it. The structure that could hold the most weight won. The winners received a prize (chocolate) and it was a thrilling experience for everyone.

After asking some students if they think that the clubs have improved from last year they all said yes. Last year the clubs were after school and several kids could not make it due to the timing and it was inconvenient for many. Though the school incorporated enrichment blocks, many students felt there were not enough options.

This year the MYP has made sure to find a club suitable for all at a reasonable timing. Each club is different and enjoyed by many people.  The clubs this year have definitely improved and I look forward to what we will learn throughout the year!

- Vihaa Rajgarhia 

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