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First Inter-House Tournament

When first hearing that we had school for two days of the week before breaking for our christmas vacation, many students were puzzled about what was going to be happening that Monday and Tuesday. It was later we found out that there was going to be an inter-house sports tournament for the first time in our school! Fast forward to Monday, you would think that the students would be tired having just come back from the school trips. However, the entire student body was thriving with anticipation, with not a single sign of weariness in sight.

The two day tournament started off with each house voting for their respective captains and vice captains, followed by developing their slogans, banners and chants. The campus buzzed with excitement, as each house geared up in their own unique hues, turning our academic space into a vibrant arena of competition. Before long the first set of games had begun, with Junior football and senior basketball happening simultaneously. It was difficult to try and watch both at the same time, as both matches were equally spirited. They left the spectators not wanting to miss a single moment of either. All teams played exquisitely, in the end Junior football was won by blue house while yellow house ended up taking the prize for senior basketball.

The second day was just as lively, with Junior throwball and basketball taking place and Senior football and throwball happening too. Every sprint, every goal, and every cheer built the foundation for unforgettable memories. The echoes of cheers weren't just from students; they reverberated as our dedicated teachers stepped out of the classroom and into the spotlight during our Inter-House Sports Tournament. From the field to the stands, the campus witnessed a dynamic blend of student and teacher participation.

The sports tournament ended with a game of tug of war between the houses. The winning house - the red dragons ended up playing a final match between the teachers, and ultimately ended up victorious. As we wrap up the cheers and victories of our Inter-House Sports Tournament, it's clear that sports mean more than just games. For us students, it's a classroom without walls. Through friendly competition (and rivalries) wins and losses become life lessons, teaching us to face challenges with a determined spirit. Beyond the scores, it's about building character, making friends, and discovering that the skills we gain on the field are the same ones that help us succeed in life.

-Anya Keskar

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