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SIS Tournament

The Singapore International School Basketball Tournament is an anticipated event that attracts teams from around Mumbai to showcase their skills, sportsmanship, and competitive spirit. One team that recently participated in this prestigious tournament was the U19 girls and boys team from Ascend International. This competition took place on the 20th(for girls) and 21st January(for boys).

On the 20th of January, the tournament started at 8 am with a thrilling match between Ascend International and the home team(Singapore International). It was a nail-biting game that saw both teams giving it their all on the court. Unfortunately, we lost our first match by a narrow margin of 7-6. The team couldn't help but feel that the outcome was rather unfair. We believed that none of the home team's fouls were being called, while they received free shots for fouls we didn’t even make. Despite this setback, we did not lose hope. Instead, we channeled our frustration into motivation for our next matches.

Undeterred by the setback, Ascend U19 girls approached their second match against Oberoi International (JVLR) with newfound determination. The team demonstrated resilience, strength, and flawless execution, securing a convincing victory with a score of 16-4. The win not only lifted the team's spirits but also underlined their potential to bounce back from adversity. The elation of the victory was accompanied by a sober realization – one more win was crucial to securing a spot in the finals. The players remained focused, recognizing the need to balance confidence with humility.

With the taste of victory fresh in our minds, we entered the third match of the tournament with great optimism.

 We were fueled by the desire to redeem ourselves and end the tournament on a high note. However, despite our best efforts, we fell short and lost the match with a score of 22-14. While the result differed from what we had hoped for, we learned valuable lessons from our experience in the SIS Basketball Tournament. We realized the importance of perseverance, teamwork, and adaptability. We also learned to accept defeat gracefully and turn it into an opportunity for growth.

The tournament also highlighted the importance of playing fair. The team faced some challenges with biased refereeing, making it clear that fairness should be the rule of the game. In the true spirit of competition, teams should be judged based on their skills and performance, not on where they come from. As we reflect on our journey in the tournament, we can take pride in our accomplishments and the growth we have achieved. 

Tara Hebbar, the team captain, summed it up by saying, “The SIS tournament was extremely important for us since it taught a lot of lessons, how to deal with loss and play in do-or-die situations. Although we were outplayed, I think each player's understanding of the game and team grew, which will help us win the next tournaments!” We may not have secured the victory we had envisioned, but we emerged as stronger, more resilient athletes.

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