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U17 Girls ISSO Football

The u17 girls had just formed when we were given a surprise ticket to Jaipur for ISSO On the 1st of September, the under-17 girls football team went for the ISSO tournament. Not everyone in the under 17 team actually went for the tournament but instead three under 14 players from the 6th grade joined them in the tournament. The girls played their first match against the host school (JPIS) just as they landed. They didn’t realize how big the fields were but the moment they stepped onto the field nothing else mattered except to show everyone how good they were.

Their third match against SIS (Singapore International School) with not two but only one substitute player since one substitute actually fell badly sick and had injured herself. The last match they played, both the boys teams had come to watch and support them by cheering them on. They all played really well but unfortunately they lost their last match.

The girls unfortunately lost their first two matches but came back and won 

After interviewing a few of the girls who went for the tournament I found out how much they liked to play in big tournaments and hope they can play more matches here in Mumbai too.

The girls might not have won the tournament but they learnt from their mistakes and in their future matches and tournaments they will come back stronger, faster and ready for the win.

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